Fastest Way To Get Crypto Rewards (BEST e-commerce Crypto)

Fastest Way To Get Crypto Rewards (BEST e-commerce Crypto)

Spending digital assets and buying goods and services has always been an almost impossible task. People say you can only use a crypto credit or debit card. You can’t actually use crypto itself because very few businesses accept it. However, that’s starting to slowly change. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at a project that aims to change that, and they are doing so in a big way, evolving the massive e-commerce shopping landscape. Let’s get it! Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! The largest and greatest crypto community in all the Interwebs My name is Ben. Everyday,

I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button. Today, we are going to introduce the BitSquad to in this paid promotional video. So, what is As the name suggests, it’s an e-commerce site. However, it’s not just any shopping site. offers evolutionary features that other shopping sites don’t have. was started and is operated by a group of veterans who have extensive business marketing, e-commerce and dropshipping experience. Led by CEO Arbel Arif, the company has only been around since September of last year. But the team itself is quite impressive, and collectively they’ve made long strides with some top tier killer partnerships in under a year, which we’ll discuss those a little later. While we love and other crypto debit and credit cards, fact is crypto should be able to be spent just by itself from your wallet as Satoshi Nakamoto and the cypherpunks intended with the Bitcoin whitepaper. You know, peer-to-peer digital cash. And although this is a sponsored video, when my research team and I were looking into, it became apparent that they have a lot of exciting features they’re building for e-commerce in the crypto space. offers its users a way to spend their crypto without having to apply for crypto debit or credit card or purchase a gift card. You just choose your items you want to buy from exciting retailers like Walmart, eBay, Etsy and, yes, the big kahuna themselves, Amazon. Then you select checkout, pay for your purchases in the crypto of your choice that they support, and bam-o! Your order is on its way. Yes, it’s that easy to use. boasts supporting over 200 cryptos, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they are constantly adding more integrations and partnerships. That brings me to one of the coolest features of this e-commerce site that should be highlighted— the ability to order from multiple retailers at once and then checkout from one single account.

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To my knowledge, that’s not offered anywhere else online for crypto or fiat payments. Honestly, it’s really a must-have feature you won’t be able to live without in a big deal, which makes shopping easier. That’s not all though. A lot is coming this month for, and we will get to those here in a minute, but first, let’s discuss the tokenomics of’s two coins, SPI and GSPI. Holding SPI is treated as a rewards program within the ecosystem of, while holding GSPI is treated as a governance token for the platform. In addition,

in the future, GSPI will be used for all business-related activities like building a dropshipping business, opening your own e-commerce store, purchasing web domains on It’s important to note both GSPI and SPI have never held an ICO presale or had any allocations of the tokens. This means both were launched fairly and democratically. There are only 1 million tokens in total. This makes SPI an easy moonshot. SPI is the utility token to be used on the platform. To that end, they offer three different plans. They are the Free plan— no SPI required that get no additional discounts, but you do receive free domestic US shipping. Then there’s the Dynamic plan. It requires one SPI token at the time of this video, the dynamic scaling plan of up to 5% discounts on and every SPI held counts toward additional discount rewards and all orders get free shipping domestic in the US with no order limits. Finally, we have the VIP plan, which currently requires holding 1,000 SPI. In this plan, you get a 10% discount on all orders on, access to the VIP Telegram, free domestic shipping in the US, no order limits, and finally, there’s also free international shipping if you pay with SPI or GSPI for all plans. There are also concierge services coming soon. It’s important to mention that SPI benefits stack. What does that mean? Well, allow me to explain. Packages aren’t stackable, so you can’t stack a Dynamic on top of a VIP package, but what you can do is stack VIP package where you get a 10% discount with paying with SPI token which gives a 2% discount, giving a total discount of 12%. So the plan plus the payment of choice equals your total discount. Next, we have GSPI or the governance token of

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Holding GSPI will allow you to vote on proposals created by the community and will also allow you to propose ideas, plans or solutions that will be voted upon by the community to help guide the future of GSPI is also one of the first governance tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. And GSPI will also be used in the future to pay for domains on the coming future domain sale website. GSPI and SPI benefits will be symbiotic in nature. It will not interfere with either of their unique utility benefits. So, how does all this work? Funds from customers’ wallets are sent to one of the’s payment processors. then turns funds into stablecoins. Vendors have already agreed to accept the payment. Payment is then sent to the vendor who ships the item to your house between a couple of days to a week. On the payment processor side of things, US customers using will be exclusively utilizing Coinbase, while international users will have far more options like Binance Pay,, CoinPayments, Utrust and all the tokens they are partnered with, which is a pretty impressive long list. A few notable coin partners include VeChain, Shiba Inu, yes, they accept dog money, Elrond, Ultra, Zilliqa, Avalanche and StormX.

As I mentioned earlier, has a lot in its pipeline for August. Starting out, the team will be launching version 2.0 of their platform, as well as the second version of their staking application. You can actually view the beta version of by going to For preview of the version 2.0 of their staking platform (, take a look at the screenshot. The team provided this roadmap showcasing they’re remaining very busy for this month. The team also provided BitBoy Crypto with some information about some of the upcoming features that users have to look forward to that are still under development. These include shopping auctions— a $1 reserve auction of laptops, PS5s, etc. you will need to hold SPI in order to participate— shopping concierge— users will be able to buy anything with crypto like order pizza, movie tickets, Victoria’s Secret, you freaks, Costco, flight tickets, etc. There will also be a 24/7 live chat. You will need to hold a certain amount of SPI or GSPI to be eligible for this feature. Shopping Marketplace lets anyone open a store on and sell digital or physical goods. You’ll need to hold certain amounts of SPI or GSPI in order to participate. Next up is Business, a dropshipping platform. It’s an extension of It’s driven by the sales of businesses purchasing on the Business platform. Businesses will have access to dropship through the Amazon integration with the requirement of buying items in bulk. Each transaction on the platform will incur a 30¢ service fee. Just like, Business will offer discounted packages to its clients with the requirements to be announced in GSPI. is currently accepting registrations. You can sign up at Thanks again to for sponsoring this video and supporting the channel. Make sure to go check them out in the video description below. That’s all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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